How can the kid who did this


and this

and this

all in one week (along with the usual stuff we’ve already talked about), be the same child who noticed a blind woman at a burger joint that same week, and rushed to her side to assist her? “Mom and Dad, I gotta go help that lady!”– and before we knew it the lad shot out the door, to kindly guide her into the restaurant.

A few days later, I kid you not, he consoled a new widow at a commencement ceremony. She was heartbroken that her husband was not there to watch their teen graduate. Little Man gave her a hug, spoke with her and actually comforted her. Later she went on and on to my husband about what a special boy he is and how much he helped her get through the evening.

We’ve even seen him come to the aid of bullied kids on the playground like a superhero!

So how is this the same kid we are talking about?

Because that good, kind boy is Who He Really Is. Those selfless gestures are glimpses.

He may still be wounded by early trauma, but there is a good kid– dare I say a terrific kid– in that too-small body, and his daddy and I are determined to help him find his way through the pickle that was his first two years. (Our older RADish is also a great kid, and so are our hapless, oldest bios, both aching from PTSD.  Smart as whips, wildly creative… soooo much potential in these four. Shit, if we could just wave a magic wand.)

But guess what! We just enjoyed four, fun-filled days at the coast– all six of us! In the past we’ve had to cancel reservations and leave early with long faces because of major “episodes” (one including an urgent care visit) but this time was different; we were like a normal family on vacation. (Somebody, pinch me!) And that, too, was sort of a glimpse. Maybe the god I was telling you about (who likes good music?) drops these little glimpses like sprinkles of How Life Can Be down on us to remind the hubs and me that we can always find the sweet bits when we keep our eyes open for them.


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